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GRAF Medical Imaging, Inc. is a Mobile, Alabama, based Company providing a wide range of high-end Medical Diagnostic Equipment. The Company is using a network of independent x-ray dealer organizations to distribute their products.

GRAF Medical Imaging, Inc. is a unique company that identifies the needs for new products in the field of medical imaging and then develops technical specifications, configures new products and locates the right components and systems. Specialized companies, developers of medical imaging products from various countries in the world, joined GRAF Medical Imaging, Inc. as consortium partners.

The group defined a plethora of new, state-of-the-art product solutions in different stages of completion. Some products are already installed and working in medical facilities, others need design work. The goal is to offer a complete product line in X-ray and fluoroscopy by using the most modern and efficient technologies available. This includes X-ray systems and fluoroscopy C-arms that operate on solar power or any other alternative power source.


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