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Interventional Cardiology / Angiography System

The new GRAF model CIURA-4000 interventional cardiac and vascular imaging system has an overall upgraded clinical experience.

  • Clearer Imaging
  • Abundant Functions
  • Ease of Operation
  • Lower Radiation
  • Highly Efficient Workflow
High Performance Imaging
  • High Definition
  • High SNR Low Dose
  • Ghost Artifacts Elimination
  • Large Field-of-View
Unique Design
  • Uniquely Designed Mechanical Moving Structure
  • Convenient Manipulation & Quick Imaging
  • Multiple Anti-Collision System
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Intelligent Handle Control
  • 1.2 meter Examination Depth
Abundant Imaging Function

InvaRay 3.0 brand new platform, provides CIURA series of cardiac and angiography system with more imaging functions and applications. This improves operation with more efficiency and accuracy.

  • Vascular Accumulative Tracer Roadmap Technique
  • Auto Vascular Border Distinguish
  • Left Ventricle Quantitative Analysis
  • Auto Elastic Optimized Registration Technique
  • Vascular Road Track
  • Selfsubtraction Processing Technique

Fluoroscopic Mobile C-Arm

High Performance C-Arm

C 500R is a compact and mobile C-arm designed for different applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms. Equipped with 1K CCD camera, C 500R produces excellent high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis and safe operation.

The compact design and wide C-arc helps to save space increasing the flexibility. 135° orbital rotation increase patient access, facilitating repositioning, improving efficiency to assure the highest quality image.

Optimized Workflow
  • Compact design provides more free space for operation
  • Capable of long time and multi-frame recording
  • Supports multi-selection of frames/sec
  • Smart Angio Package (Optional)
  • Database Management
  • Versatile Diagnostic Tools
  • Unlimited Image Memory
  • PACS Connectivity with DICOM 3.0
  • High Frequency Generator
  • 135° Wide Orbital Rotation with Large SID Distance
  • Monoblock type Tube
  • 1K x 1K High Resolution CCD Camera
  • Three-field 9” Image Intensifier
  • High Resolution Medical Grade Monitors – 1,000cd/m2
  • Lower Dose
    – Virtual collimator
    – Pulse mode
    – Air kerma
    – Laser guide (optional)
  • Easy Archiving and Documentation
    – DICOM 3.0
    – CD/DVD
    – Thermal Printer (optional) – USB Port
    – Ethernet Port


Auto-Tracking 3D Overhead Tube System

The CombiCiel-AT system is a fully motorized Auto-Tracking 3-D ceiling suspension consisting of a ceiling mounted tube stand, height-adjustable examination table with a floating table top and a vertical chest stand.

Examination Table

Floating table top with motorized height adjustment

  • Tabletop size 210cm x 76cm
  • Lateral movement 30cm
  • Longitudinal movement 60 cm
  • Max. patient load 200 kg
  • Path of the detector-holder 70 cm
Chest Stand

Automatic and manual positioning

  • Elevation range 45cm to 170cm
  • Tilt range 0° to 90°
Detector Holders

Equipped with oscillating/removable grid

  • 43×43 cm flat panel and a three-field measuring chamber
  • The grid density is 40 l/cm and grid ratio 10:1

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