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X-ray & Fluoroscopy Systems

A Complete Product Line

We now have new, state-of-the-art product solutions in different stages of completion. 

Power Is No Longer An Issue

The goal is to offer a complete product line in X-ray and fluoroscopy by using the most modern and efficient technologies available. This includes X-ray systems and fluoroscopy C-arms that operate on solar power or any other alternative power source.

Emerging Opportunities

One Billion Potential Patients

Mostly concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia live their daily lives without electricity. Lack of sufficient power generation capacity, poor transmission and distribution infrastructure, high costs of supply to remote areas, or simply a lack of affordability for electricity, are among the biggest hurdles for extending grid-based electricity.

Revolutionary Alternative Power Solution

GRAF Medical Imaging Inc., a newly formed organization, located in Mobile, Alabama, has a solution for operating medical imaging (X-ray, fluoroscopy) devices without the need of stable electrical power.

A revolutionary technology allows a full-size X-ray machine to be powered by an unstable power outlet; a gas/diesel generator; a solar panel or any other alternative power source and produce a powerful 50-Kilowatt performance. 

Veterinary Digital Imaging Equipment

Fluoroscopic Mobile Veterinary C-Arm

Ciura 1120Fv offers an attractive compact design with a user friendly interface. A high quality digital imaging system, this c-arm is capable of a wide range of movements.

Ciura 500Rv c-arm has a sleeker design with a wider range of motion for higher quality results.

Digital Radiographic Mobile Veterinary System

Mavia 1010v is a state-of-the-art mobile radiographic system. It can be arranged in a number of configurations to suit the needs of most veterinary offices.

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