CIURA 4000

Interventional Cardiology / Angiography System

Large Field of View

All-In-One Display

  • Customizable layout

Latest Technology for Excellent Image Quality

Ghost Artifact Reduction


Dynamic Gain Equalization

Unique Floor Mounted C-Arm


3-Axis Concentric Structure

  • C-Arm rotation/sliding will not change the FOV center.

1.2m Examination Depth

  • Full coverage imaging from femoral artery to cranial nerve.

Cath Table 2m Longitudinal Range

  • Complete examination without patient moving

High Speed & Precision Scanning

  • LAO/RAO up to 25°/s
  • CRA/CAU up to 20°/s
  • Rotational angiography up to 50°/s

Excellent Operational Experience

Smart Handle Control

Control all movement in one hand.

Anti-Collision Protection System

  • Real time 3D simulation
  • Capacitive noninvasive object detection
  • Detector for self balance
  • Auto retreat detector if contact occurs

Integrated Console

  • Table side control panel
  • Motion and imaging integrated control 

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